CfFaust and her friend Christian Grosselfinger talk about the current situation with musicians in Italy during the Corona lockdown. Christian is Brazilian, he lived in Lisbon where the two met, and now lives in Florence, where he cannot work because of the corona virus. As a cellist, he explains his work with the loop machine, the perfect microphone and his feelings towards electric cellos. We hope that his planned world tour will bring him back to Bremen or Frankfurt, where he played in the Brazilian bar „Cafuchico“. Chris is the one of a kind citizen of the world, or how Cece prefers to call him: ein Weltenbummler. Besides his creative work as a composer and a visual artist on YouTube, he is always in the mood for a talk and getting to know the world. Feel free to contact and support him! Links below 🙂 P.S.: #podcastfail Cece prepared for this interview and expected it to be in Portuguese and switched to English very spontaneously, so she messes some of the conversation up i.e. by misunderstanding the word mobile home as mother town 🙂 forgive and let live:)